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Product Design

Designs created for physical use, including toys, DIY kits, stickers, apparel, and more!

Piapro Paper Theater

Interactive artwork is an essential part of enjoying Hatsune Miku and the other Crypton Future Media characters! 

This paper theater is comprised of high-quality prints of the Vocaloid character, custom stand inserts, and a high-quality print on the interior of the folder to store the kit.

The purpose of this design is to encourage Miku fans to get creative and have a part in "designing" how they envision Vocaloid. 

Vocaloid Paper Theater can be purchased here

Sticker Designs

Stickers are a fantastic way to show off what you love and support the artists you like.

As a fan of sticker bomb culture, I love creating graphics to cover the world in color. My designs are created with close attention to detail. I work closely with my manufacturers to create quality stickers that will last a long time.

Check out more stickers at my store.

Charm Designs

Charms are a fantastic way to accessorize and show off unique artwork of things you love!

I do my best to design charms that stand out and I would wear myself.

I experiment with materials like acrylic and wood to determine the best quality, design, and pricing.

Purchase my charms here!

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